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Best Water Purifier for Home in India (2021) – Handpicked

This is a complete guide to Best Water Purifier in India in 2021.

In this new guide you’ll learn

Which is best Water Purifier in India
Water Purifier price in India
Our top picks and lots more.

Let’s get started.

After concluding our Analysis, we think that Kent Supreme Plus is the best Water Purifier in India as It is moderately priced and offers top notch service as compared to other picks.

The Analysis

1. Why you should trust us

2. How we picked

3. Our Pick – Kent Supreme Plus 2020

4. Most Sought – HUL Pureit Copper+ Mineral RO + UV + MF

5. Also Great – KENT Grand+ 9-litres Wall Mountable

6. Budget Pick – Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquaguard Amaze

7. Competition

8. People also Ask.

Why you should Trust Us

Reverse Osmosis(RO) is the best available purification process right now. We decided our list on the basis of purification provided by water purifiers and kept all other aspects aside. 

Considering we are going to drink the water, no other factors matter more than purification(and minerals).

We met a few reviewers and users to understand what to look for in the best water purifier. Our users closely tested some of the best water purifiers available in the Indian market to arrive at the conclusion.

Also, We went through some of the official sources available on how purified water affects health. We gathered our specification from the sites of Kent, Eureka Forbes, HUL and Faber.

How we Picked

Source of water : When we decided to choose the best water purifier in India, the first thing we considered was the source of incoming water. If you are from rural India or industrial or coastal area, chances are the water you use has a high TDS concentration. So using a RO+UV+UF purifier is the best choice in this case. However, if you are from urban India and have access to municipal water, do check the UF+UV water purifier as RO is already done by municipality.

TDS Level/ Impurities of water : There are both organic and inorganic pollutants present in water. Organic pollutants are viruses, bacteria and other organic matter that leach through the soil. These can be removed  by using a UV filter. Inorganic pollutants are more dangerous and include arsenic, lead, mercury and the likes. Using a RO+UF Filter can take care of these for you.

Purification Technology : There are several technologies for water purification and each has its own purpose. RO(Reverse Osmosis) is needed for chemical impurities like lead, mercury, arsenic, etc. If you have these chemicals in your water, you have no other option, than to get an RO purifier. UV(Ultraviolet) purification is needed for removing organic pollutants. We have already discussed the previous topic. UF(Ultrafiltration) is needed for removing minor solids of inorganic background. Nowadays, the best water purifier for home provide all three technologies in their product.

Storage capacity : Storage capacity of water purifiers is an important factor when considering to buy the best water purifier in India. Storage ranges from 6litres to 12litres in most Indian products. If you have less water requirement or are a small family, low capacity storage might work just fine for you. However, if you have more water requirements, getting a water purifier with a larger tank will be better.

Water wastage : We also considered the amount of water wasted during purification when preparing our list. In present times, underground water level is going down. Municipal water supply is limited. A water purifier that wastes a lot of water is not practical. Instead, going for a purifier which wastes less water or reuses the water would be a better choice.

Installation & After sales service : what worries or makes most customers upset is mediocre or bad service experience. Understand that water purifiers demand annual maintenance and cannot be delayed. So buying a water purifier that provides prompt service even in the remotest part of India, will be better as you can avoid a lot of hassle. Kent and Aquaguard come to the top of the list on this one.

Price : Always consider the price of the product. Most water purifiers in India range from 8000 INR to 25000INR. Choose the one which matches your specifications and comes in your budget. Don’t just go for features, but also check the quality of products and regular user reviews.

Before we move ahead to our picks, understanding the difference between RO(Reverse Osmosis) purifiers, UV (Ultraviolet) purifiers and UF (Ultrafiltration) purifiers would be apt.

RO Purifiers : Uses the method reverse osmosis. Requires Electricity to boost water pressure. Removes all dissolved salts and kills all bacteria & virus. Can also work with dirty water.
UV Purifiers : Uses ultraviolet light to kill all organic pollutants. Require Electricity to work. Kills all bacteria and viruses but does not remove them. Also it does not remove dissolved salts. It requires clear water to function.
UF Purifiers : Uses the process of Ultrafiltration. It doesn’t require electricity to operate. UF removes all bacteria and virus but can’t remove dissolved salts. It can also function in dirty water too.

Now that we know of RO vs UV vs UF, let’s see our picks.

Our Pick -Kent Supreme Plus 2020

kent supreme plus eight litres

Kent Supreme Plus comes as an excellent product for small families. Its zero wastage technology makes sure your water is not wasted during purification. It comes with eight litre storage enough for a family of four.

When it comes to features, you get RO+UV+UF purification of excellent grade. Kent Supreme Plus comes in a wall mounted design, handy when you have limited space. It also comes with an inbuilt TDS control system. 

Kent Supreme Plus is fully automatic. You just have to set it one and never bother about the settings as such. It takes care of that for you. The Zero Wastage technology we were talking earlier about is also an excellent feature, as a lot of water is wasted on purification.

When we asked shoppers what they liked about Kent Supreme, it was the service. Kent offers good service in India. It’s one of the vital points you should consider when buying a water purifier.

It being moderately priced as compared to other water purifiers makes it our top pick in this list. 

However, if you have more water requirements, do consider our other picks as the water storage offered in Kent Supreme is eight litre. It is what concerned most of our reviewers. We also found the filter replacement cost extra.

Our Verdict : Kent Supreme is a superb water purifier in its price range. If you are a small family, you should buy this water purifier.

Most Sought -HUL Pureit Copper+ Mineral RO + UV + MF

hul pureit copper plus eight litres

If you ask any doctor, they will recommend drinking water in copper glass because of the benefits of copper. This is what HUL Pureit Copper brings to the table. What attracts people to this product is its dual outlet. One for Copper infused RO water and another for RO water. 

Added to this, you get a 7-stage purification process, Pre-RO activated carbon filter and Pre-RO Sediment filter. The sediment filter clears large impurities and the carbon filter gets rid of organic impurities and smell.

Pureit Copper is equipped with an advanced Alert system that alerts you two weeks before the expiry of its Germkill kit and shuts off water. It also senses and schedules auto cleaning, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning it regularly.

We asked users and reviewers of their experience with copper infused water. It was quite positive. Copper in RO purified water, gives the water medicinal and anti-inflammatory properties. Also, Pureit Copper gets rid of arsenic, lead, mercury and other chemical pollutants in water.

As compared to other Water purifiers in the market, Pureit Copper is pricey. Also, we found the auto water shutoff can be a hassle. What concerned our reviewers was the amount of water wasted during purification. Kent Supreme wins on this one as it does not waste water.

Our Verdict : If you want healthy copper infused water go for it. But if you have price concerns, do check our budget options.

Also Great -Kent Grand +

kent grand plus nine litres

Kent has been a name in Indian water purifier market for a long time now. No wonder, Kent Grand+ also makes it to the list. This nine litres storage water purifier is one of the best and most selling products in India.

Kent Grand+ used its patented ROTM Technology to make water 100 percent safe for drinking. Same as Kent Supreme, Kent Grand+ also comes with a zero water wastage feature. Efficient when you have limited municipal water as water is not wasted.

Kent Grand+ comes with a UV LED protection in the storage tank. Its wall mounted design makes it handy as you can fix it once and never worry about it later. It is equipped with an in built TDS Controller, that maintains TDS level of water you drink.

Our reviewers met some users of Kent grand+ to find what makes Kent Grand+ one of the Best Water Purifiers in India. We got to know the 9 Litre tank and availability of ample service centres in India were at top of the list. It being moderately priced as compared to others is also what attracts people to Kent Grand+.

One downside to Kent Grand+ is the recurring maintenance. But this is also easily managed with prompt servicing available in almost every town in India.

Our Verdict : If you have municipal water supply, or use tap or groundwater, Kent Grand+ can be a great choice for you. It gives you the value for its price.  

Budget Pick – Eureka Forbes Aquasure

eureka forbes aquasure

Made using Food Grade eco friendly plastic, Eureka Forbes Aquasure is one of the best water purifiers available in India in budget options. Suitable for small families, this water purifier comes with a 7 litre storage tank, which might be an issue for larger families.

Aquasure is suitable for TDS levels of 200 to 2000. It features MTDS Technology, which ensures the replenishment of essential minerals (like calcium and magnesium) which the water loses during the RO purification process.

We found Aquasure to be smaller and inadequate for a family of four due to its 7 litre storage tank. The water tap that comes built in other options, comes as a separate attachment in Aquasure.

If you are low on budget and looking for a water purifier that does its job of purification and has no other issues, you will find Aquasure to fit all your needs. 

Our Verdict : Go for it only if you live alone or just two. As its small water storage will become a problem if your demand increases. If you are in a cash crunch, buying Aquasure can be a practical solution for you.

The Competition

If you need more water storage capacity, AO Smith Z9 is an excellent option. AO Smith has been a reputed name for a long time, and provides quality products. 

AO Smith Z9 comes with a 10 litres storage, and provides both hot and cold water. It features mineralizer technology which gives you water infused with essential minerals. Also, AO Smith Z9 wastes less water in purification.

When we chose our budget pick, Blue Star Excella was one of our top 3 finalists. Blue Star Excella comes with a 6 litres storage and 7 stage purification. It comes with an Aquataste booster, which improves the pH level and taste of water.

Kent Superb is another great product from Kent. This 9 litres wall mounted water purifier was also the top competitor of our Top Pick. It comes with a purification capacity of 20litres/ hour. Excellent for bigger families with more water consumption. 

Aquaguard Marvel also comes with copper infusion technology and features a 8 litres storage. It comes in a compact design and provides a taste adjuster controller. 

We wanted to find the best water purifier in India, and did not limit our search to established brands. Then we found Faber Galaxy Plus, The new entrant to Indian water purifier market. 

Faber Galaxy Plus provides eight stage filtration, and can purify water with TDS level as high as 2500ppm. It comes with a 9 litre storage and comes in ABS food grade plastic. However, being new in Indian market, you might face some service issues.

Another strong competitor in our list was HUL Pureit Marvella. An affordable choice, that features 8 litres storage, mineralizer, and water saver technology. It provides high speed purification for upto 20litres/ hour. 

Best Water Purifier in India

KENT Supreme Plus 2020 (11112)RO+UV+UF8 litres1 yearView
HUL Pureit Copper+ Mineral RO + UV + MF 7 stage Table topRO+UV+MF8 litres1 yearView
Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquaguard AmazeRO+UV+MTDS7 litres1 yearView
KENT Grand+ 9-litres Wall MountableRO+UV+UF9 litres1 yearView
AO Smith Z9 Green RO 10 Litre Wall MountableRO+SCMT10 litres1 yearView
Blue Star Excella EX5BLAM01RO+UV+UF6 litres1 yearView
Kent – 11080 Superb Star 9-litres Wall MountableRO+UV+UF9 litres1 yearView
Eureka Forbes Aquaguard MarvelRO+UV+MTDS8 litres1 yearView
Faber Galaxy Plus RO+UV+UF+MATRO+UV+UF9 litres1 yearView
HUL Pureit Marvella Sleek Mineral RO+UV+MF+MP Water PurifierRO+UV+UF+MP8 litres1 yearView

People also Ask

Which water purifier is best for underground water ?

Underground water tends to have higher TDS by nature. It includes borewell, tap water and sometimes municipal water too. Getting a RO purifier will be a great option for such cases. 

By the process of reverse osmosis, RO purifiers get rid of most contaminants. Underground water also has organic impurities which can be eliminated by UV Filtration. 

So, get yourself a water purifier with RO+UV purification for underground water.

Which water purifier brand offers best service and customer support ?

Deciding which brand offers best customer service and after sales support can be tough. Almost all brands that set shop in India, provide quality support in big cities. But when it comes to small towns and tier two cities, only some can boast of quality service.

Kent offers wide support with almost 1500 service centres spread throughout the country. Similarly Aquaguard by Eureka Forbes also provides quality after sales service in small towns.

If you are from a small town, try to purchase from these brands as service can be difficult with other newer brands.

What is the annual maintenance cost(AMC) of a Water Purifier ?

Most top brands offer Annual Maintenance Services. Its charge varies with your product and can range from 4000 to 8000 INR. It includes routine filter change, RO membrane change and other routine inspections.

Do clarify with your service provider about maintenance charges upon purchase of your water purifier.

Should I get a non branded water purifier at a lower price ?

It is something not recommended. With branded products, consumers are assured of a product that is made up to specified standards and has passed rigorous quality checks. But, in case of unbranded water purifiers, these norms are not followed. 

Moreover, when one buys a water purifier, their basic need is healthy and purified water. Going for an unbranded water purifier can directly impact your health adversely and is Highly NOT recommended.

Do I get free installation and warranty if I buy a water purifier online ?

Yes. Definitely Yes. Understand that installation and warranty are provided by the company and not by the seller. Even if you buy from a store in your city, installation will still be done by the company and not the retailer.

What is a mineralizer ?

In a nutshell, mineralizers add essential minerals (calcium and magnesium, etc) to the water. RO(reverse osmosis), purifies water of impurities, but at the same time, also removes essential minerals too. Mineralizer adds those minerals back in needed proportion.

This Helps in maintaining the pH as well as taste too.

How much water is wasted with a water purifier ?

An average RO purifier will waste about 2 litres of water per 1 litre of purified water. How much water will be wasted will depend on TDS and quality of purifier being used. Nowadays, zero wastage is also being promoted.

Is RO water purifier good for health ?

Yes. Of course. Drinking clean water is better for our health is what we learn in our basic ages, but we don’t follow it. Clean water leads to better health, less anxiety, and better blood circulation. At present RO purifiers provide the best water for consumption. One should not compromise with family’s health and buy a quality water purifier.

So, this is where we leave it to your decision to buy the best water purifier in India.
Happy Shopping !

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