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What is Brunolist ?

Brunolist is a Product Reviews site with over 3000 subscribers worldwide.

We review and list the best appliances and products on web. You can trust our experts to bring the best to you.


How Brunolist Started ?

black cat named Bruno

Okay. So, it all starts with a Cat. When I was living in Kolkata back in 2015, a black cat used to come to our apartment. It was a stray. He used to sit in front of our kitchen but never ate a thing.

Over the time, he started living in my apartment. So, me and my roommate named him Bruno. We found an excellent friend in him.

cat named bruno outline

He lived with us for close to three months. But then one day, he just vanished. We tried a lot to find him, but no result. He was a great companion and friend.

When we decided to Write a Product Reviews Blog, I knew, our mascot had to be Bruno – The Cat.

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